E3 Chemistry Regents Workbook 2019
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E3 Chemistry Regents Workbook 2019

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E3 Chemistry Regents Workbook - 2019 

8.5"  x 11" trim size    336 pages         Paperback    Black Print on White paper 

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Book Summary

This is a chemistry workbook with tons of practice questions on all the essential Regents chemistry materials recommended in the NYS Physical Setting / Chemistry Core Curriculum. 

  • 13 Topics of High School Chemistry Work
  • 61 Lesson-by-lesson Worksheets
  • Several Organized Sets of Problems in Each Worksheet
  • 2 Practice Regents Exams
  • Glossary of Terms, Index and Chemistry Reference Tables Included

Students: Enhance your understanding of chemistry and get high marks on homework, quizzes, tests and the Regents exam. 

  • Work and practice individual question sets on hundreds of high school chemistry concepts
  • Test and evaluate your understanding of each concept
  • A great mix of questions to test your knowledge and understanding in different skill areas including: term and definition, multiple choice, short answer, fill-in blank, setup and calculation, table completion and interpretation, diagram drawing and labelling, and using the Reference Tables
  • Highly organized so work is less confusing and doable regardless of your skill level

Teachers: Get the most comprehensive, clean, clear, easy-to-use and organized workbook to assign homework and classwork for students throughout the school year.

  • Assign, grade, and evaluate homework and class work with ease
  • Organized sets of problems so that you are assigning work only on taught materials
  • Engage your students with work on every chemistry concept that you are teaching
  • Comprehensive for a whole year of class work, homework, and final exam practice
  • Use as a complimentary workbook to any review book or textbook

Answer Key Booklet

Students: Free Online Access if your school isn't uisng the book.

Teachers: Free Online Access. Free hard copy with a class order.

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