E3 Chemistry Essential Skills Workbook 2019
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E3 Chemistry Essential Skills Workbook 2019

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E3 Chemistry Essential Skills Workbook - 2019 

8.5"  x 11" trim size    290 pages         Paperback    Black Print on White paper


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A highly organized high school chemistry workbook with 61 different worksheets, each consisting of many sets of questions on relating concepts to test students knowledge and understanding in several essential areas of chemistry.  


Benefits for Teachers 

. Assign, grade, and evaluate HW ease

. Easily find several organized and engaging sets of questions for students to practice on each chemistry concept you are teaching

. Engage your students with work on every chemistry concept that you are teaching

. Comprehensive for a whole year of class work and homework PLUS final exam practice.


Benefits for Students 

. Work on question sets for each concept you are learning.

. Test and evaluate your understanding of each concept

. Well-organized and less confusing problem sets


This book is used by teachers as a classroom instructional material.


This E3 Chemistry Essential Skills Workbook is identical to the E3 Chemistry Regents Workbook with one exception;
It does not have the two practice NYS Chemistry Regents exams.
Therefore, it's has 50 fewer pages than the Regents Workbook.
It might be a better fit for chemistry in states other than New York
or non-Regents chemistry in New York.

Enjoy our book. 


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